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Up Date: Important Please Read:  DDL is Going Out of Business as of Sep-1-2020


Update: 11-Aug-2020

Below is a list of possible replacement software for Motor Carriers and Drivers, we have not used any of them, but a search and driver input show they are available.  A check with them to make sure they are going to do the new HOS should be done:

The only alternatives for Motor Carrier Safety Log Software are:

  1. RapidLog which can be found on website: as apparently Fleet Solutions has purchased RapidLog
   2. JJ Keller which can be found on their website:

Alternatives for Drivers are:

  1. Drivers Daily Log by LLB --

  2.  Eclipse Logbook --


Bad News: 5-Aug-2020

DDL program will expire on 30-Aug-2020, This is built into the software code and this time can’t be changed or updated.  Make sure you have made other arrangements and have paper logs, to continue logging. We recommend you print any and all you logs and reports you might need to avoid any problems.  DDL will stop accepting any data. There is no way to update or reactivate the program at this time, we do not see any change to this in the future.



14 May 2020 - New Rule Changes Click Here

New Rules to take effect on 29-Sept-2020


Jan 1-2020 - We are sorry to say that DDL Software will being going out of Business for good as of Sep-01-2020.

As the FMCSA and Canada will soon, gone to ELD and is looking at changing the HOS rules again this year (2020), Fritz, Dennis and I have decided to end DDL software. Fritz and Dennis retired as of Jan-01-2020. Here is our exit plan.


1. DDL stopped accepting new customers as of Jan-1-2020. We no longer sale any DDL software. including iTruck software.

2. DDL will stop issuing any New Activation codes including Re-Activation codes as of Aug-5-2020

We are hoping that by giving this buffer, DDL customers will have time to find other software that will meet your needs.


May 14 2020 - New Rules Announced

FMCSA’s final rule on hours of service offers four key revisions to the existing HOS rules:

 1.        The Agency will increase safety and flexibility for the 30-minute break rule by requiring a break after 8 hours of drive time and allowing the break to be satisfied by a driver using on-duty, not driving status, Sleeper-berth status, or off-duty status

     2.       The Agency will modify the sleeper-berth exception to allow drivers to split their required 10 hours off duty into two periods: an 8/2 split, or a 7/3 split—with neither period counting against the driver’s 14hour driving window.

     3.       The Agency will modify the adverse driving conditions exception by extending by two hours the maximum window during which driving is permitted.

     4.       The Agency will change the short-haul exception available to certain commercial drivers by lengthening the drivers’ maximum onduty period from 12 to 14 hours and extending the distance limit within which the driver may operate from 100 air miles to 150 air miles.

 The new hours of service rule will have an implementation date of 120 days after publication in the Federal Register.

The complete final rule is available here:

Note: DDL will not be updating the software with the new changes.



Apr 18 2018 - New ELD law takes effect.

DDL is NOT a ELD or an AOBR and does NOT meet the requirements, if you need a ELD or have a AOBR, then you will need to purchase a ELD from other sources.

We do not plan on making DDL into a ELD.

If you have a 1999 or older truck or you meet other requirements, you can still use DDL. Check with your Motor Carrier to see if you need an ELD.

DOT is enforcement this new law as of Apr 18 2018, meaning you can get a citation ($$fine), CVSA points, and put out of service. If you do not have a ELD.

Drivers Daily Log has a built in timer (9 months) from installation date. You will need to re-download and install at least once during this 9 month period, or DDL will stop accepting data. The version # and date may or may not change. After re-installing the timer will reset to 9 months. A warning will a pop up at 8 months and everyday during the last 30 days.


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