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Canada New 2007 Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulation


Canada new Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service (HOS) take effect on January 1, 2007

We have four great pdf files that explain the new rules, with many examples.

1. Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulation published by Canada Gazette (Official newspaper of the Government of Canada on November 16, 2005  Click Here

2. Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulation 2007 Application Guide (Interpretations)

Click Here    Updated on 5-Jan-2007

3. DDL has created a checklist that breaks down what has to be checked for Hours of  Service rules for each log. Click Here

4. What are the changes between the rules now and the new 2007 rules? Click Here

5. Canada Province's have announced they are not ready for the new rules. Click here

6.  New Vehicle Inspection standards take effect on 1 Jan 2007 -You must have a copy in your possession (vehicle) of the Schedule (required Inspection report(s) for law enforcement). Download and print the Schedule(s) below in pdf format. (you will need a pdf reader to view and print). 

DDL has added three (3) new DDVIR, that can be selected from the settings menu in our Classic and OCR logs only. Schedule 1, 2, and 3.  All the new DDVIR (Canada) Inspections meets and exceeds the requirements for Schedule(s)

Here are the steps to change a DDVIR in DDL Classic and DDL OCR print modules:
Click on Print
Click on Print Current Log Day
Select either DDL Classic or DDL OCR if you have this print module installed.
Click on DDVIR (far right on the toolbar)
Click on Settings (far right on the toolbar
Click on Select DDVIR (inspection form)
Select the DDVIR you need from the list.
Click on OK to save this setting.

Note: If you are a Motor Coach driver you will need Schedule 4 along with Schedule 3, you will need to get Schedule 4 from your Motor Carrier as this is only good for 30 days or 12,000km which ever comes first.

All drivers driving in Canada must have a copy of the NSC Standard 13: that applies to their vehicle in the vehicle for inspection by DOT and Law Enforcement Officers upon request..  You can download a copy by clicking on one of the links below.

NSC Standard 13: Trip Inspections Part 1 -- General Requirements

    Part 2 -- Schedule 1 -- Truck, Tractor & Trailer

     Part 2 -- Schedule 2 -- Bus

     Part 2 -- Schedule 3 -- Motor Coach (Daily)

     Part 2 -- Schedule 4 -- Motor Coach (30 days or 12,000 km)

7. A great pdf file from British Columbia Hours of Service 2007

 (Unofficial Interpretation) Click Here

8.  British Columbia --

9. Ontario Regulation 555-106 Click Here

10. Ontario Highway Traffic Act - O. Reg. 199/07 Effected July 1, 2007

Click Here


We have completed work on the new 2007 rules.  Here are some of the changes DDL has made: This list is only a heads up, some items could be removed, or others added as we go along. United States Drivers please read the # 7 below on the impact the rules will have on you, as you drive in Canada after 1-Jan-2007. New DDVIR rules.

1. Adding Grid markers for both new cycles which will include:

13, 13D 14, 14D, 16, 24, 70, 120, S1, S2, 8, 10, 36, 72.

2. New 14 Day recap  24 hour break, 36 hour restart, and 72 hour restart. Restart will appear in the Recap on the day it is earned.

3. A dialog box in the rules that allow you to check which cycle you are running. Remember the restart begins at midnight, or the time your log begins, as stated by your motor carrier, but you must still have the full amount of off-duty time to get a restart.

4. Add cycles to the rules. Cycle 1 and Cycle 2. All required information is post in remarks. Also located above Recap box, and next to the Date

5. Day 1 and Day 2 deferral Section 16 added to remarks, also the Word "Day 1" or "Day 2" will appear in big bold letters on the right side of the date, when the deferral is in use. (Drivers must be very careful using a deferral, especially  if you take your eight hours early in the day.  A warning box will appear asking if you want to use the deferral?


If you answer YES then DDL will put "DAY 1" on the log page. If you log any more Sleeper of Off-Duty before midnight,  most likely you will have a violation towards midnight as that time will count toward the required 10 hours.  Answer NO if you plan on logging more Sleeper or Off-Duty. If you do not see this warning box then you do not qualify for a deferral under Section 16, you must meet all the requirements.

6. Three new DDVIR's have been added to our Classic and OCR log to meet all the requirements of NSC Standard 13: Trip Inspections Part 2 - Schedules 1 thru 3.

7. Under the current rules, the US rules are harder, so traveling in Canada a US driver was OK, you would not break a Canada rule, if you just followed the US rules. After Jan-1-2007, this will change, as Canada has some new rules that are harder, or that the US doesn't have.

8. If you are going to use Split Sleeper, DDL will ask you if you want to Exclude this Sleeper from the 16 hour rule, be careful if you answer YES. (what you log later can cause a violation to occur back in time)

You must log the 2nd sleeper of the pair, or the first sleeper will not exclude and you could have a 16 hour violation. You must plan ahead if you plan on logging Off-Duty then answer the question NO.

9. Added new Personal Miles (located to the left and on top of the grid) Canada has a limit of 75KM a day that can be logged under Personal Miles.  US has no limit. Both counties have different standards, as to what it takes to qualifies for Personal Miles. Please read your counties rules.

10. Added the Word Start Time to the left of the grid. Please do not confuse this with Shift Start Time. The Start Time is determined by your Motor Carrier and is usually Midnight.  If your Motor carrier wishes for a different Start Time, it must be noted on the log.  DDL will do this based on the setting you have picked. THIS IS NOT REQUIRED ON A LOG UNLESS IT IS DIFFERENT THAN MIDNIGHT. (However some DOT believe it is).

Drivers please remember that Motor Carrier can add anything they want to a log as long as they meet the requirements.  DDL does not have the time to create hundreds of different logs, because a Motor Carrier thinks something is required.  DDL Classic and DDL OCR exceed all requirements for both the USA and Canada logs.

1st -- Question # 148. Are US drivers operating in Canada required to operate in accordance with the Canadian


Guidance: Yes.

OK, so now we know that we have to follow their rules, just as they must follow our while in the US. What are the main areas US drivers have to adapt to?

1. You must have 24 continuous hours off-duty at least once in every 14 days. Teams too. US no requirement to ever take a day off.

2. You must have 10 hours in off-duty, or sleeper, or combination of off-duty and sleeper none can be shorter than 30 minutes in duration every day. that is Log day. (Midnight to midnight for most drivers) US does not require this. This is a Daily requirement.

3. A new 16 hour elapse timer between 8 hours periods. Add Driving and On-Duty not driving between  two eight hours shift, and the total can not be more than 16 hours. US no requirement for elapsed time between shifts.

4. You must have the last 14 days plus today log with you for inspection. The US only requires 7 plus today. This is to check the 24 hours off-duty requirement in # 1.

5. You must have a copy of all receipts, to verify your log. ie. you fueled and you scaled your load. You must have the fuel receipt and scale ticket. Without which, you can be fined and placed out of service up 72 hours. US no receipts are required for the driver, just the motor carrier.

6. Required to have in your possession the applicable schedule(s) of inspection items and shall provide the schedules on demand of an inspector. DDVIR have a new layout and information that must be entered. US DDVIR have no standards, up to the Motor Carrier

Note: The new rules require more document be ready for the inspecting officer. Toll Tickets, Weight receipts, Bills, Repair Records, there is a section on just this new requirement, so download and read the above pdf files. They help a lot.

Under the new rules, you will need to look at 13-16 items a day, the old way was about three or four.

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