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Using the DDL GPS Interface with DDL

 This is not yet, an official 'feature' of DDL. User must be an advance computer user, as no support is available. This GPS add on program will only work with the Full version of Drivers Daily Log. (DDL). You must be running the latest version of DDL ( or later)

NOTE: As of May-2008 this GPS add on has both the United States and Canada.

This dialog provides access to the optional DDL350_DDL_GPS application if the DDL350_DDL_GPS application is installed and launched. Using this add on requires a user to be an advanced computer user, and understand comports, as we do not provide support on using the GPS add on at this time.

19 Mar 2009 -- Setup the software.

Due to the many versions of Windows Operating Systems available today, we recommend you Install all DDL Software in the following location:

C:\Drivers Daily Log  (this will be the Root Folder)

This must be done if using any 64 bit operating System software, or you may have problems running or printing from our software.

Click on the blue link to download the latest version of DDL350_DDL_GPS

If you are having problems or have updated to a 64 bit operating system, then Click here for detail steps you will need to take in order to get this working again

7-Feb-2008 -- Great news we have made it easy to get your current location, without having to start the GPS module. As long as you meet the following  two conditions:

1. You have ran the set up and configured the com port. This only needs to be done once.

(See the Steps below to configure the software)

2. You are receiving data from the GPS unit.

Open DDL and click on the  New Data Record tab. Click on the Location button, you will now see a new button called Get DDL_GPS Location. Click on this button will return your GPS location.

Steps to Configure DDL_GPS.

STEP 1. Download and Install DDL350_DDL_GPS software.  A new icon will be displayed on your desktop.


STEP 2. Click on the DDL_GPS icon to launched the program. The GPS must be configured before continuing on. How to configure DDL_GPS com port). This program must be running in order for you to see the GPS button in the 'Location' dialog box.

NOTE: DDL_GPS must be configured to use the correct Comport that your GPS is using, after the initial set up. DDL_GPS will remember the setting.

STEP 3. Click on the DDL icon to lanch Drivers Daily Log program.

In order to use the GPS interface, you must be using Location/Activity under New Data records.

Note: If you do not see the Location or Activity buttons, then you will need to turn this setting on under Settings>Log Sheets, Records, Reports, Print, Audit..>Log Sheet 1...> Special Options... You need to have a check mark in the Enable Locations/Activity Field. Don't forget to click OK to save this setting.

A GPS... button will appear in the Location dialog if the optional 'Locations/Activities' sub-records are enabled in DDL Settings


Step 4. Click on the Get GPS Data button, or type the zip code you wish to get into the Look up Zip Code box.

Step 5. Click the OK button and your GPS information will be transferred to DDL.


This dialog provides access to the optional DDL_GPS application if the DDL_GPS application is installed and launched.


The Look up Zip Code button is provided so a search of the USA Zip Code table can be initiated based on Zip Code specified in the Zip Code edit field.

The Get GPS Data button will initiate a request to DDL_GPS application to return City, State, Zip Code, and County based on a Zip Code table search using the current GPS values of Latitude and Longitude.

Only the data that has the box check marked City, State, Zip Code USA, or County will be used in DDL

The OK button will transfer the selected City, State, Zip Code, County data to the client of this dialog (DDL).

The CANCEL button will abort this dialog.

The HELP button will display this dialog box


In order to use a GPS with more than one software at the same time you will need a software program that will emulate a com port. We recommend GpsGate (approx $39.000 Delorme has produced a good one, and is available on their web site to download or click here to download.. We do not offer any support on this or any other software, you will need to contact them. (Beware most software companies will not give help on other software). Or, you will need to locate a computer user that understands how to do this.

DeLorme LT-20 USB GPS receiver setup for CoPilot for use with Windows XP, or Vista. The Emulator will work with Vista 32bit, but not 64 bit.

I. Install the GpsGate or DeLorme Serial Port Emulator
II. Configure the Serial Port Emulator (read their help file)
III. Configure CoPilot.
IV. Trouble Shooting

I. Install the DeLorme Serial Port Emulator

The Delorme LT-20 uses their Serial Port Emulator to work with Delorme and other NMEA 0183 compliant mapping programs such as Copilot.

The Emulator can be downloaded here

Installation Steps:

  1. Download Now the serial port emulator
  2. Save the file to the desktop.
  3. Locate DeLorme Serial Emulator1.1.exe and double-click it.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select the "I accept the terms of this license agreement" option.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Restart the computer when prompted.
    Note: The installation will resume once the computer has restarted.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Click Finish.


II. Configure the Serial Port Emulator

  1. Right-click on the DeLorme Serial Emulator system tray icon and select Ports... from the pop-up menu.
  2. Select NMEA next to the COM Port you wish to use and close the utility. 2, 6, 14 seem to work ok.
  3. Click OK to close the Port Settings
  4. Right-click on the DeLorme Serial Emulator system tray icon and select Monitor… from the pop-up menu
  5. Click on the Position tab and check to see if the globe image is spinning and that it says “No Fix”, “2-D Fix” or “3-D Fix”. If it is not spinning or it says “No GPS” then the GPS receiver is not being recognized and you will need to contact Delorme for assistance.
  6. Click OK to close the Monitor

III. Configure CoPilot

  1. Open Copilot
  2. If Copilot does not find the GPS receiver automatically, click on Options->GPS Status and make sure the Com port is set to the port from section II step 2.
  3. CoPilot should now see the GPS receiver.

IV. Trouble Shooting

  1. Serial Port Emulator system tray icon – If the icon looks like a satellite dish, then the LT-20 receive is not connected, if it is a Red - no fix, Yellow - 2-D fix and Green – 3-D fix.




How to configure DDL_GPS Com Port


STEP 1. Download and Install DDLGPS software if you have not done so already. A new icon will be displayed on your desktop.

STEP 2. Click on the new icon and launch DDL_GPS application. Click on the GPS button

STEP 3. Click on the Configurate button.


STEP 4. Type in the Com Port number your GPS is using. Then press the OK button. If using Co-Pilot 9 then use Com port 14. Do not worry about Baud Rate.

STEP 5 - Click on the Start Monitoring button. You will see the following data on the screen, if your GPS is on the correct Com Port. If not then try a different com port number until you are receiving date in the dialog window.

That's it!

You will need to start this GPS program and have it running in the background and receiving GPS data, in order to use it with DDL.

You can put it in the Start Menu, so that every time you turn on your computer it runs the program. If you have questions on how to place programs in the Start menu, then please get a copy of a book called "Windows XP for Dummies" as we do not offer help on windows and how it works.

In order to use a GPS with different programs you will need a serial emulator, Delorme makes a good one for free. You can download a copy by clicking here. Once again you will need to be an advance user, as you will need to know what each of the com ports are to set it up. We do not offer any help on this, and the user must read or obtain the information elsewhere.


A driver (Joe Roske) has made a help file for Vista to help you set this up.  click the link below.



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