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Testimonials from our Users.


Was on SR12 Yakima Washington when I was pulled over by state patrol for speeding. The trooper mentioned I was going a little fast but wasn't going to give me a ticket just a warning. I politley thanked him. He then asked for my log book and all the other mounds of paperwork that go with that ie registration and bills of lading. I explained to him I had my log book on my lap top and earlier in the morning while being loaded I had tried to print my log sheets but had run out of printer ink. I also showed him the proof as he laughed.
He then said don't worry and didn't even ask to see my log book on my computer. He went and did his thing and after a few minutes came back with my copy of the warning and a new ink cartridge. Lucky I bought the same printer as the state patrol uses Cannon bubble jet.

I have used nothing but DDL since I started driving 5 years ago and never leave home without my computer or I would be lost.



08/26/2006 at 16:00 PM

Thought I'd pass on to guys how well I enjoy your software. I've been a
user from the very first freeware. Great product, great value and it saves me
a lot of time. If any driver out there has any doubts about the software, you
need to try it. It is very user friendly, intuitive, takes all the math out of
figuring you're hours and speed averages and the list goes on. I've not had a
letter from our safety department in the past 5 years. If your company offers
a bonus for having your logs compliant, this is the software to use! I get my
bonus every quarter to the tune of $350.00+. This software has paid for itself
many times over. Most state enforcement officers have caught on and if you
have you're previous seven days printed they generally ignore you're logs.
They might use PC Miler to check you're point to point mileage and drive time
but that's about it. With the fines & penalties becoming very heavy, one 15
minute mistake can range from hundreds into the thousands of dollars. Our
company posted a copy of a citation in the drivers lounge. The driver was
cited for being over 15 minutes on his 14 hr. and 30 minutes on his 70 hr.
rule. it cost him $1,023.00 (I-495 Maryland park & ride / inspection station.)
He just hadn't done his math for the day. (He was under his 11 hr. drive
 Keep up the good work.

08/12/06 at 13:24 PM --
     I've used DDL since it was freeware around 1999. Been great to use, easy. DOT and patrol like it. A lot of times I pull into scale the inspector asks for my log tell him  it's on my computer and the say go ahead. Most will tell you just bring in computer and ask if I have a printer. Very pleased on about my fourth computer with DDL. Berkley Cookley--  email address:

7/15/06 at 06:53 PM

Another Job well done Guys, 

On my way from Tulsa to Chicago today, I was stopped on I44 in St Louis MM283 EB by the St Louis DOT Patrol. Was given a level 3 inspection, and passed hands down. had to print out my current log for the officer to look at, ( no big deal there) plus show him the hard copies from the last 7 days. ( again no big deal). He came back and told me he wished more drivers used DDL. Gave me the No Violations report and sent me on the way.


It only gets better. :-)  Going up I-55 at Litchfield, IL, I was pulled in and given a level 1 inspection. he saw I had the level 3 in MO. but still asked to see my log book. when he opened it up, he said " another DDL user, I have to show this to the guys inside."  My log book was passed around the 5 other DOT officers there and several other drivers that were curious.  Needless to say, I got my Orange sticker for the window. and was sent Happily on my way.


Before I left though, one driver that was there ( being shut down for 8 hours because of violating the 14 hour rule) asked me for a copy of DDL, as he has a laptop in the truck.  I was able to burn a cd with the latest version ( 8july06). so I am sure you will be getting another DDL user.






3/19/06 at 01:30 PM]

After an eventful few days I have to pass on thanks to Nick

and Bruce for their program.

2-24 had Level 1 inspection at WinterHaven CA on I-8. when asked for logbook I said I did them on computer and would be happy to print him out the day to that point. did have prev. 7 printed-which surprised him) but he just said to show him the program...when he saw graph he just handed me back the book I had offered and he proceeded to expound how much he liked the DDL program...called it the best!!!

THEN had a Level 3 at the rest area in Watertown NY on March 4...Same story-I would be happy to print him a copy>>>was told no, just bring up on computer, which I did-He had me flip back a few days then said OK...checked lights and waved good bye.....TNX Guys!!!




1/28/06 at 11:02 AM

Got a level 1 inspection at North Sioux City,SD port of entry. After doing inspection on Tractor/trailer, he asked for all my paperwork, I showed him my computer and said this is my log in which he replied "You do your logs on a computer? well then I am sure they are fine." I told him I also had the last 7 days in hard copy and he told me he didn't need to see any of my logs as most drivers that do their logs on a computer usually don't have any violations. I GOT A CVSA STICKER FOR TRACTOR AND TRAILER! FOLKS! IF YOU AINT GOT DDL NOW, YOUR MISSING OUT ON THINGS!!



1/02/06 at 08:39 AM

You both saved my driving life. After 26years of driving, my wife of 27 years going to see the lord and my son going to the middle east my nerves or just about shot. With DDL I can punch the wrong button and fix it!  Got another company to say it's fine to use. The owner even said it looks real good and called the Ks DOT to check it out.


A happy Trucker  Jonathan Field



11/02/05 at 02:44

I have been with Drivers Daily Log (DDL) since version 10/26/2003.  The program has come a long way since then.  Now, it is helping Department Of Transportation (DOT) and State Troopers to do audits on the driver's) logbook.  I swear that if DDL was not around I would be pulling out my gray hairs and be bald.  DDL is a great software for the American Trucker!


I think that all American Truckers if they have a laptop in the truck, should download this software and try it before you buy it.  You will see how much better your life is with it.  It keeps track of everything from Trailer Reports, Inspections, Mileage Reports, Deductions, Reimbursements and so much more to mention.


I just want to say thanks to Nick (Roland) and Bruce for making this available to the American Trucker.  Keep up the great work with following the Hours Of Service (HOS) and saving the American Trucker lots of money in the long run.  Peace.


Christopher Cushman

New Cumberland, PA


8/01 at 0:07 AM

Got stopped for a DOT inspection in CA at the Ag inspection station on I-5. When asked for my log book, I handed him the 7 prior days printed log sheets and told him I'd have to print the current day. He barely glanced at them, handed back the sheets I'd given him and said not to bother. You just gotta love this program!



7/16/05 at 01:24 PM

On July 5th going westbound thru Wyoming Port of Entry with a Hazmat Load. Reported in with paperwork as usual and was sent to see the US DOT inspector who was there. He did a complete level one inspection to include getting inside the trailer to check for proper labeling and packaging as well as proper block and brace. When doing the logs, he asked me if this was connected to the truck and I told him it was not an onboard recording device that it was just a laptop with a logbook program I use. I also showed him the letter I downloaded from DDL website. He proceeded to investigate using the 395 regulations and found to his satisfaction that It  was all legal and He remarked that He was very impressed and like the program, and it was very neat and easy to read. Kudos's to You Nick!! IT PASSED A FEDERAL INSPECTION!!!!



6/13/05 at 08:26 PM

Today I got pulled into the Belleville, KS scales for a level 3 inspection.
The officer was looking over the hard copies for the previous seven days and said your over the 11 and 14 on 06/06/2005.
 I had my laptop on the counter switched to the day in question, placed the pointer over the grid to activate the markers. Showed him where the 0, 11, 14 and 14x markers where. He looked back at the hard copy rechecked his math. That was the end of that .. no problems.


6/08/05 at 11:18 PM

Pulled on a scale in Missouri. The officer walked out to the scale ask for my log book. I showed him the lap top screen. He ask me to click on the violations button. He took a quick look and said were done with logs, just pull around in back and bring in the other paper work.

6/08/05 at 11:18 PM

On 5/24/05 I was pulled into the weight station on I-55 SB in MS. I was pulling a Haz-mat  load.  Was  told  to  park  in  the  rear.  A  DOT  officer  came  out  and  said  he  was  going  to  insp.  my  truck.  I gave  him all the paper work including ERG. He proceeded to do the level 1 insp. After finding only a glad hand rubber leaking only when I applied the brakes, he asked to see my log book. I got my laptop and stepped out of the truck and he asked me what that was for. I explained that my logs were on it and he said I've never seen anything like that before. I had to give him a complete run down on what it was, how it worked and what it would do for the driver. He called a couple of other inspectors over and they were all impressed with the program. I told them several states was using the program to train inspectors with and a few was using it to check logs with.

They had to have to URL for DDL and they got it.

The inspector that checked my truck looked like the Quiznos Sub baby. I told him that and got a big laugh out of it.

Still didn't get the CVA sticker for my truck but got one for the trailer.

Keep up the good work fellas.


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